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Wayne's Best Beef JerkyI've been told I'm a little bit different. But let's stay focused and talk about my jerky.

Wayne's Jerky is owned and operated by me, Wayne. I'm the board of directors, the shareholder, and the CEO. You won't find a corporate vision or mission statement here. I want to make the best jerky you've ever tasted. Bottom line.

Many beef jerky websites sell a bunch of jerky made by someone else. Their product sits in a warehouse until a customer buys it. Who knows who made it? And who knows how long it's been sitting on the shelf?

I sell one brand of jerky, mine. And I make your jerky after you place your order, so you get the freshest, best tasting jerky around. It's simple, really. You order some beef jerky. I make it and I send it to you. Now, it might take me a few extra days to fill your order, but I'm just one guy, and remember, I'm supposed to be retired.

This is the Wayne's Jerky Difference.

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