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Wayne's Jerky at Appleton Farmers MarketFor over 25 years, I worked at a local paper mill. When I retired, I spent most of my time fishing. I also began making beef jerky for friends and family using a few dehydrators and my own recipes. Soon, I was getting calls from complete strangers wanting my jerky. So I went back to work. My friend Jim and I designed and built both a regular and a stainless steel dehydrator. I found beef, spice, and packaging suppliers, and my brother Jimmy helped me make and package the jerky. My daughter-in-law designed a logo that looks a bit like me and my beautiful girlfriend kept the books. I was fishing less, but more and more people liked my jerky. I wasn't sure, but this was lookng less and less like retirement.

Finally, in 2006, "Wayne's Jerky" became available for Wisconsin residents. At first, local bars carried my beef jerky. Then, area grocery and convenience stores picked it up. I also sold directly to my customers at both the Green Bay Farmer's Market on Broadway and the Downtown Appleton Farmer's Market.

Now Wayne's Jerky is sold in over 40 grocery and convenience stores in Northeast Wisconsin. But since Wisconsin summers are so short and more and more people are asking to order jerky directly from me, I felt the time was right to make my beef jerky available online. Now you don't have to worry if you miss the markets or your favorite flavor sells out at the store. You can get Wayne's Jerky anytime.

Where Can I Find Wayne?

Locally, Wayne's Jerky is available at Festival Foods, Woodman's, and Green Bay-area Grand Central Stations. You can find me Wednesdays at the Farmer's Market on Broadway in Green Bay from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm and Saturdays at the Downtown Appleton Farmer's Market 8:00 am until 12:30 pm.

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