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Teriyaki Beef JerkyWayne's Jerky is cut into bite-sized pieces and packaged in resealable pouches. Keep the bag sealed and it will stay fresh for a few months. For best results, reseal the bag and store in a cool, dry place. You can throw it in the fridge, but let it return to room temperature before eating. Your teeth will thank you.

The jerky you enjoy is the same jerky my grandson, Kaden, woofs down when we go fishing. (His favorite is Teriyaki Beef Jerky!)

Wayne's Jerky is licensed and certified by the State of Wisconsin. The beef jerky is made from 95-97% fat-free lean beef. The turkey jerky is made from 99% fat-free extra lean turkey. And our mushroom jerky is made from portabella mushrooms. It's a wholesome and delcious snack anytime.

Available in Five Flavors

Mild Beef Jerky: One of my top-selling jerky flavors. There is a mellow mix of smokiness and sweetness in the jerky that is hard to put down. 
Also available: Mild Turkey Jerky and Mild Mushroom Jerky!

Teriyaki Beef Jerky: Another one of my top-selling jerky flavors. Tangy teriyaki befriends the beef to make this jerky a crowd favorite for young and old alike.
Also available: Teriyaki Turkey Jerky!

Medium Beef Jerky: My best selling beef jerky. You begin to feel the heat as the spices in this popular beef jerky recipe produce a delicious full flavor. Hot, but not too hot, it's the perfect recipe for someone looking for a little kick.

Hot Beef Jerky: This is hot. Plenty hot. Deliciously hot. There's just enough hot in this beef jerky to put a little sweat in your trousers.
Also available: Hot Turkey Jerky!

Extra Hot Beef Jerky: Not for the faint of heart, this beastly beef jerky will bring the sweat to your eyes and keep you coming back for more. Have a few cold ones handy.

Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky: So you say our Extra Hot isn't hot enough for you? Well check out our new flavor - made with ghost pepper!

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