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Extra Hot Beef Jerky
Sale price: $6.95

Not for the faint of heart, this beastly beef jerky will bring the sweat to your eyes and keep you coming back for more. Have a few cold ones handy.

The beef jerky is cut into bite-sized pieces and packaged in a 3 ounce resealable bag.

Customer Reviews

Review by  Mark
(posted on Jul 11, 2013)
First time trying Wayne's Jerky. So glad I decided to step up to the tent at the Green Bay Farmers Market on Broadway yesterday. I was offered delicious samples first which were very tasty. I bought a bag of the extra hot and a bag of the teriyaki. I only regret not buying more! Great flavor and freshness. Teriyaki is a new family favorite and the extra hot gives me that kick of spices I love. I'll be a Wayne's Jerky customer for life.
Review by  Phil
(posted on Aug 15, 2012)
I LOVE your jerky, especially the HOT and EXTRA HOT! I just bought the last 3 packages of HOT and EXTRA HOT at the Grand Central station this morning and I saw you pull in as I was leaving - Had I not already been late for work I would have stopped to say HI and thank you for your awesome jerky. I'm currently eating the HOT Turkey Jerky, also very good - but EXTRA HOT is still my favorite - thank you Wayne!!!!!
Review by  Mikie
(posted on Feb 25, 2012)
I tried it today for the first time at the farmers market in Green Bay. Great flavor. Didn't even have a beer to go with it. The bite size pieces were good but I am curious to see what it would be like in longer lengths. I will have to get this again! Thanks Wayne
Review by  Leah
(posted on Jan 17, 2012)
I bought some at a convenient store when I was visiting Green Bay. I love extra spicy food so this is right up my ally. So glad I can order from the website!
Review by  franz2day
(posted on Nov 29, 2011)
Some of the best jerky out there!! Great stuff!!
Review by  jk jeep creep
(posted on Jul 06, 2011)
I think your jerky is great the xtra hot is great but I wish I could have a bigger bag other then 4 oz you should look into getting a 16 _20 oz bags I bought it from the farmers market on the college ave in appleton wisconsin I would like to get more from you so u can email me I would love to try more of your jerkys thanks for a great jerky
Review by  Ray
(posted on Oct 17, 2010)
This beef jerky is excellent. I consider it to be one of the best. I purchased this at the Appleton Farmer's Market this summer. Keep up the great work.
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